Rescue, refuge and rehoming                



EMMA was bred in Australia and purchased by a family living there.  Upon their return to the UK her owner was unable to continue to care for her so she was handed in to Bernese Welfare.  A friendly, happy girl she was rehomed to experienced owners of Bernese and Emma quickly bonded to her new family and enjoys the company of another spayed Bernese bitch. 

BRUCE.   A very obese, mature dog, his owner had to assume carer duties for his wife and so no longer had time to care for Bruce.  Bruce had a mind of his own but luckily an experienced Bernese owner gave him a home and put him on a diet as his obesity prevented him from safely undergoing surgery which he needed to correct entropian (an inherited deformity of the eyelids). 

Bruce lost sufficient weight, the surgery was performed and was successful in alleviating his discomfort, and he enjoyed the undivided attention of his new owners

pictured in the boarding kennel.  Bernese Welfare was contacted by Social Services who had placed a Bernese in a boarding kennel whilst her elderly owner was hospitalised.  Sadly Heidi's owner passed away and so we were asked to arrange for Heidi to be collected and rehomed.  This we did and this kindly, portly, middle aged bitch soon settled into a new home and was happy again.

HARRY and TRUDE came into our care separately, but both were rehomed to the same, experienced Bernese owner. Harry had been purchased by a couple with 4 young children all aged under 8 years old, and this boisterous young dog just became too much to cope with for an already busy mother of so many young children. He lacked discipline and needed routine. Trude was one of a pair of litter sisters who lived as kennel dogs in a back garden. When 2 years old the owners decided that if they had only one dog it could live in the lean to, and the kennel could be demolished to make more garden space. Trude was chosen as the one who should leave, as they said they had always loved the sister better as that one had whiter markings. Big, calm and desperate for human company, she adapted to living within a household immediately. 
Harry and Trude now live happily within a comfortable family home and a menagerie of other small animals.

DANNY came into our care at 4 1/2 months old. His `crime ` had been to repeatedly walk on the flower borders in the family garden, and jump up at the children. His owners had adopted a `training by intimidation` approach to his "wrong doings", and consequently Danny had become nervous, confused and panicky.  Danny needed a lot of confidence building and the chance to settle down to a normal routine.  After some confidence building and remedial training Danny was rehomed with complete success – a happy healthy and well adjusted boy who enjoys life. 

ROSY and HANNIBAL were the very first crossbred Bernese who came into the care of Bernese Welfare.   Sadly Bernese crossbreeds are an all-too-common occurrence nowadays and they often prove to be very difficult, if not impossible, to successfully rehome. Hannibal and Rosy were originally purchased by their owners as purebred Bernese with pedigrees but without Kennel Club Registration Certificates.  They were bred by a breeder who owned a Bernese bitch and also owned a male Hovawart.

NEO and ASPEN.  The owners of this pair had planned to buy just one pup - but when the breeder encouraged them to buy the last two puppies in the litter for a special discounted "bargain" price they couldn't resist. Neo and his sister Aspen (with a blue eye) revved each other up to became rowdy and noisy and uncontrollable hooligans, and when Aspen came into season and the owner saw Neo mating his sister several times the dogs were handed to Bernese Welfare. With remedial training they grew into affectionate pets.

OLD BOY BENNY, a Bernese crossbreed, had lived all his 8 - 9 years outside in a kennel and run in his owner's garden.
Neighbours who had previously fed Benny whilst his owners holidayed had recently relocated and were therefore no longer able to continue the 'holiday' care service, so Benny was handed into Bernese Welfare one week before his owners were again due to go away on holiday.  It took a while to teach Benny that living inside a house, in comfort, with company, was much more enjoyable than kennel life - but once he got used to the idea he relished all the home comforts! When no one came forward to offer him a home he was permanently adopted by a Bernese Welfare Foster carer. His greatest pleasure in life is to rush outside and bark loudly and defiantly at thunderstorms and fireworks!


BONA and BOBO.  When a relationship broke up, these two dogs were living with one partner who was working long hours in a full-time job and so did not have the time to look after the pair. Handed into Bernese Welfare, the other partner (previous owner) then came forward and was able to take responsibility for the dogs and care for them. 

HOLLY was in a very sorry state when she was handed into Bernese Welfare. A matted coat and wet and SO smelly, no time was lost in clipping away all the matted, felted coat that was, in places, welded to her skin followed by a thorough bath for her comfort. Sadly, this elderly lady was suffering from severe health problems including excess fluid which had built-up in her stomach and chest and in all her limbs. She found walking any distance very difficult. Holly also had severe entropion (in-turning eyelids.) Despite medication and every effort to improve her condition, her health deteriorated. If only she had been handed in sooner so that she could have received veterinary attention more promptly before her health issues overtook her. 

BARNEY'S owners were planning to emigrate and felt unable to take Barney with them , so at 6 years old this kindly lad was handed into Bernese Welfare. Friendly and with good manners consistent with his years, Barney was rehomed into a family environment which included another resident Bernese who he immediately bonded with.

VAL was one of two dogs we were asked to help find homes for when a Bernese breeder decided to reduce the number of male Bernese living in her kennel.  Kindly natured but rather timid, he was rehomed by an experienced Bernese owner.

ROLLY was the second and older of the two dogs from the same kennel as Val (above).  Also apprehensive of strangers, he has gained a lot of confidence and after a lot of confidence building and training by his new owners he is now taking part in carting activities.

TEDDY was bred in France and purchased by an English family living there.  Upon their return to live in the UK they were unable to keep Teddy and so asked for our help in rehoming him.  Teddy was a very friendly chap and liked everyone so was eagerly adopted by an experienced Bernese owner where he settled immediately.

TIA and the other dogs in her household were allowed to wander and it was inevitable that neighbours would complain when roaming dogs caused problems and so her owners asked Bernese Welfare to help.  Tia was a very sweet bitch with an excellent, reliable temperament and good manners so she found a new, securely fenced home with loving new owners plus another Bernese for company.




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