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Every established Welfare and Rescue organisation have their own ideas and have procedures in place for taking in and rehoming dogs and Bernese Welfare UK understands that specifics may vary from case to case but meeting the needs and ensuring the safety, welfare and future happiness of the dog is paramount; it is therefore our prime objective. The procedures, management and administration of Bernese Welfare UK has been entirely consistent since our rescue and rehoming service was founded in 1985/86 and so we have unrivalled experience and success in rehoming UK Bernese.

We understand that most owners are distressed when their circumstances have dictated they are unable to keep their Bernese. When calls come in to the Bernese Welfare UK Helpline we endeavour to make things as easy (and be as non-judgemental) as possible for the owners who request our help.

We do not buy or sell dogs – ALL Bernese we rehome will be placed ONLY into homes where the dog will be carefully matched with a new owner and live inside a house (not kennelled) as a much-valued companion and fully integrated, permanent member of their new family. Bernese Welfare UK maintains a Register of potential new owners who would like to adopt a Bernese and therefore we have access to a large number of carefully screened potential new owners for Bernese needing to be rehomed.

Owners relinquishing their Bernese into our care will be asked to provide us with as much background information about their dog as possible. No two Bernese are the same so it is essential that we learn as much about the dog as we can as a comprehensive profile of the dog’s likes and dislikes and habits etc., will help us begin to determine what sort of new home and lifestyle would ultimately best suit each individual.

The relinquishing owner will be asked to sign the dog over into our care and once the contract is signed and the dog is accepted by one of our Welfare Agents the owner is thereafter free of all further liability and Bernese Welfare UK will assume all subsequent responsibility for that dog and, when rehomed, maintain contact with the adopter of that Bernese throughout the lifetime of that dog.

Bernese Welfare UK follows a spay/neuter policy before rehoming whenever it is appropriate, and that is usually in the majority of cases. All pedigree and registration certificates are retained by Bernese Welfare UK and NOT passed on to those who adopt.

To enable us to fully evaluate and assess each Bernese we follow a fostering policy wherever possible. We do not rehome any Bernese on a first-come-first-served basis as that could easily result in a mismatch of dog and new owner which would be disastrous for all concerned.

Rehoming a Bernese is not like transferring a piece of furniture from vendor to the first, keen person who wants it!

Fostering a dog whilst we organise rehoming is a labour-of-love and it is labour intensive, time consuming and therefore a more costly process than a "direct-from-one-home-to-another-home” placement BUT it is also kinder to the displaced dog to be temporarily fostered within our network of secure, experienced, knowledgeable, caring and orderly home environment fosterers; the dog will benefit from lots of human company, attention and comfort whilst a new home – the PERFECT new home - is decided upon. Placing dog A into new home B by a decision-maker who has never met, evaluated or got to know either would be a massive risk and a huge disservice to the dog who is, after all, the silent party in the eventual placement. A successful match-making decision for the dog and any potential new owner can only be organised and achieved with hands-on effort and will be overseen by a Bernese Welfare UK agent who has met and got to know both the dog and the new, potential adopter over an appropriate period of time. Rehoming Bernese is something we take very seriously and we won’t cut corners nor take risks with the future well-being and happiness of any Bernese.

Fostering is also the most efficient and therefore rewarding way of finding out exactly HOW each Bernese functions and interacts with strangers and, very importantly, copes in new situations, and WHAT sort of family/home would be most suited to THAT particular dog's needs. Allowing time for character, habits and traits to be easily identified and applying remedial action or training (and where necessary beginning any rehabilitation process) BEFORE rehoming is of great benefit to all concerned. This method of care and assessment means that a much improved chance of securing the best choice of new home for each individual dog is assured - rather than just passing the dog on to the name at the top of the adoption list. And, of course, it prevents the dog from having to be lodged and assessed in kennel accommodation – which is totally alien to most Bernese and is not conducive to them displaying their normal behaviour.

There is no ‘time limit’ for us to find the right home for any dog – if the ideal new home for a Bernese is not forthcoming then the dog will remain in foster care until such time that the appropriate/perfect new home IS found!!

Those who are successful in adopting a Bernese from Bernese Welfare UK will be required to sign an adoption contract and we will provide a full after-care service to the new owners plus we will oversee and maintain contact with the dog and new family for the lifetime of the rehomed Bernese.

 If you are unable to keep your Bernese then be sure to secure a safe, permanent
and happy future for your Bernese with our help 

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