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There are many and varied reasons why an owner may have had to relinquish their Bernese into the care of Bernese Welfare UK but our prime objective is to fully identify and understand the specific needs of each individual dog and do our best to seek the PERFECT new home to match that dog’s needs.

There are many factors to consider with rescuing and successfully rehoming Bernese but there is also a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction in securing a new, happy home for a Bernese which needs love and stability. Thankfully there is rarely a shortage of people who offer to adopt an unwanted Bernese and so we usually have a lot of names on our Register of potential owners – but there is always room for more!

At any one time there are usually only a few Bernese in the UK requiring rehoming and those dogs, whilst awaiting adoption, may be in temporary, individual foster care located anywhere within the UK.

Please be aware that adopting a rescued Bernese should not be regarded an 'easy' alternative to simply buying a puppy; some rescued/rehomed Bernese are quite straightforward whilst others demand LOTS of guidance (and LOTS of training too!) and ALL rehomed Bernese deserve LOTS of understanding during their re-settlement period, plus LOTS of attention and LOTS of human company.  For those reasons (amongst others!)  we would require that the main carer of an adopted Bernese would need to be at home most of the time (not out at work) during the day.  Also, the garden MUST be enclosed with secure, dog-proof fencing a minimum of 6 feet (approx) high.

Bernese Welfare UK follows a spay/neuter policy before rehoming whenever it is appropriate (and that is usually in the majority of cases). All pedigree and registration certificates are retained by Bernese Welfare, NOT passed on to new owners, and Microchip details remain registered to Bernese Welfare UK throughout the lifetime of the rehomed Bernese.

To add your name to the Bernese Welfare UK Adoption Register THE PERSON WHO WILL BE THE MAIN CARER OF THE DOG should contact us by telephone please (01787 371940) to have a chat about the Bernese Welfare UK Scheme and we can take some details from you to add to our Adoption Register. We believe in the benefits and merits of one-to-one communication and so we do not accept details for inclusion on our Adoption register via e.mail nor through a third party.

Other questions we will ask potential adopters will include;

a) The age, gender, temperament etc. of Bernese you would IDEALLY like to adopt.
b) The daily routine the dog is expected to fit into - i.e. how many hours will the dog be left alone each day

c) Where will the dog spend most of the day? Where will the dog sleep at night?
d) Do you have any children, other pets, special requirements?

e) Your past experience with dogs.
f) Your full postal address and other contact details.

Once all your relevant details have been placed in our Adoption Register it is a case of waiting to see if a suitable Bernese who may be a good match for you becomes available. The more information you have supplied, the greater chance you have of being offered a Bernese with the potential of being a good match for you!

If we have a Bernese who we think may be suited to you we will contact you and arrange for you to go and meet the dog and spend a bit of time with the dog – taking him for a walk etc.   If you already own a dog then the dogs will need to meet each other on neutral ground to ensure they like the look of each other and we will then advise you to go home and carefully consider the adoption for a day or two before proceeding further.  If, then, you are still keen to proceed we will arrange for a homecheck (we can usually arrange that within a day or two.)   If everyone is happy the adoption will go ahead.

Everyone who adopts a Bernese from Bernese Welfare UK must sign an adoption contract and if appropriate we would hope adopters will make a small donation to help offset our expenses (perhaps £50 may be appropriate but that figure is flexible and may be waived.)

The greatest problem Bernese Welfare faces is the ongoing financial burden we bear. Bernese Welfare UK doesn’t have the luxury of a large, accumulated fund to meet our expenses but thankfully a few very generous individuals and fundraisers have repeatedly met the shortfall whenever we face a bill that the fund would struggle meet. Financing is a constant worry, so clearly we are very grateful to those groups who organise fundraising events and every donation from individuals. Every single penny donated to Bernese Welfare UK is spent to benefit the dogs – all of our agents and helpers willingly give their time and energy freely so we incur no administration costs nor do we pay any honorariums nor gratuities.

If you’d like to find out more about Bernese Welfare UK


if you wish to place your details on the Bernese Welfare Adoption Register

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